DDA hosts several events throughout the membership year (September through May). We also keep members informed of other useful nutrition and dietetic-related events throughout the Denver area. The calendar below includes all of the following event types:

  • DDA events include monthly member meetings, social events, and more. These events are open to both members (free) and non-members (fee may apply).  
  • Non-DDA events include local conferences, workshops and meetings that are relevant to Denver-area RDs, DTRs, dietetic interns and students. To have your event posted on the DDA website, email the Website Chair with the event details and a link to more information. 
  • Volunteer events include opportunities for our members to volunteer and share their nutrition expertise. To post a volunteer activity to our members, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Upcoming Events (All)

No events available.

Past Events

05 Dec 2018 Winter DDA Social - Game Night!
28 Nov 2018 The Process of New Product Innovation in the Natural Foods Industry
25 Oct 2018 The First Question All RD’s Should Be Asking: A summary of efforts to address hunger in Colorado and why it matters
19 Oct 2018 7th Annual Children's Hospital Updates In Clinical Nutrition Conference
17 Oct 2018 DICAS Workshop and Social
14 Oct 2018 5th Annual bRUNch Run in Denver, Colorado
13 Sep 2018 Recent Advances in Insulin Delivery and Glucose Monitoring for Patients with Diabetes
13 Jul 2018 CAND Dairy Farm Tour
02 Jun 2018 Summer Kick-off Walk with Walk2connect
01 May 2018 Spring Networking Event
26 Apr 2018 The Art of Functional Nutrition
14 Mar 2018 DDA & CSPEN Present: Understanding NASH and NAFLD and the Nutritional Implications
09 Mar 2018 DDA's Spring Wine and Cheese Fundraising Event
09 Mar 2018 A Diabetes Educator’s Update on Nutrition, Exercise and the Science of Change
28 Feb 2018 DDA Happy Hour
22 Feb 2018 Enriching Nutrition Care with Technology: The Role of an RD/RDN in Emerging Healthcare Delivery Models
18 Jan 2018 If you eat, you are involved in agriculture: How we raise your food
06 Dec 2017 DDA Holiday Happy Hour
30 Nov 2017 DDA's DICAS Event
09 Nov 2017 November Meeting - RDNs: Get Up to Speed on Medical Cannabis or Get Left Behind
03 Nov 2017 6th Annual Updates In Clinical Nutrition Conference
17 Oct 2017 October Meeting - CAND and Public Policy Update
20 Sep 2017 Food for Thought Walk & Talk with Walk2Connect
13 Sep 2017 September Meeting: Update on the Microbiome
16 May 2017 MEMBER MEETING: Improve Your Healthy Eating Routine: A Hands-On Format for Ideas and Discussion
21 Apr 2017 2017 CAND Annual Conference & Exhibition
28 Mar 2017 Board Member Recruitment Happy Hour
21 Mar 2017 MEMBER MEETING: Sports Nutrition for Division I College Athletes
15 Feb 2017 MEMBER MEETING: Nutritional Concerns in Pancreatic Insufficiency
25 Jan 2017 MEMBER MEETING: Living well today and tomorrow: A Financial Workshop
06 Jan 2017 Children's Hospital Colorado's Dietetic Internship Information Session
08 Dec 2016 DDA Mid-Year Social Event
21 Nov 2016 TCHD Dietetic Internship Information Session
16 Nov 2016 DICAS Workshop and Social
11 Nov 2016 FODMAPs and IBS: Beyond the Basics Workshop
11 Nov 2016 5th Annual Updates in Clinical Nutrition Conference
09 Nov 2016 MEMBER MEETING: Nutritional concerns in children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
28 Oct 2016 Secrets of Baby Behavior
25 Oct 2016 MEMBER MEETING: Public Policy Update
21 Sep 2016 An Update on Food Resources in the Denver Community
12 May 2016 Ethics
10 Mar 2016 Nutrition Education - A 4-Step Process
18 Feb 2016 Sustainability in the Food System - Wishful Thinking?
13 Jan 2016 Food Deserts and Challenges Feeding a Low Income Population
08 Dec 2015 Dietetic Internship Panel Discussion/Fall Mentorship Social
03 Nov 2015 Nutrition-Focused Physical Findings
13 Oct 2015 Colorado Dietetic Association BoD 2015-2016 Delegate, President and Public Policy Updates
23 Sep 2015 Babies and Bugs: Formation of the Infant Microbiome
19 May 2015 Clinical Update on Diabetes and Oncology
14 Apr 2015 Mentorship Event
18 Mar 2015 An update on Fat Research: Saturated Fats - Are they Unhealthy or Not?
17 Feb 2015 Eating - What's the Big Deal?
22 Jan 2015 FODMAPs: A Review of the Current Literature
18 Nov 2014 Rethink School Nutrition
14 Oct 2014 Colorado Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Public Policy and House of Delegates Update
24 Sep 2014 2014-2015 Kick-off Meeting
10 Jun 2014 Mentor/Mentee Picnic and Social
20 May 2014 Creating Buzz - Engagement Through Social Media
23 Apr 2014 Diagnosing Malnutrition - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
13 Mar 2014 Translating Literature into Practice: Beyond the Guidelines
13 Mar 2014 Mentorship Program Social
19 Feb 2014 Food Allergies
22 Jan 2014 Understanding Nutrition and Physical Activity Behaviors in Early Childhood
14 Nov 2013 Food Production Co-Existence: A Courteous Discourse
16 Oct 2013 Public Policy Update
25 Sep 2013 Motivational Interviewing, Counseling and Behavior Change
07 May 2013 Mobilizing the Practice of Dietetics: Working Together to Promote Optimal Health
28 Mar 2013 An Inside Look at the World of Sports Nutrition
13 Feb 2013 Working with Mexican Immigrants: Lessons Learned from Clients
22 Jan 2013 Consumer Education: An Inside Look at King Soopers' NuVal System
13 Nov 2012 Functional Food - Enemy or Remedy?
25 Oct 2012 Colorado Dietetic Association BoD 2012-2013 Delegate, President, and Public Policy Updates
19 Sep 2012 Creativity, Connections, Confidence and Communications - Strategies for Success in Nutrition and Dietetics

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